VENAO stands with UKRAINE

Updated: Mar 17

As a founder of Venao I was born and raised in Ukraine. At the moment my entire family is involved in saving lives. Some are in military, air forces and navy. The other half are doctors and firefighters. With that said all of my family is directly affected by this Invasion on Ukraine. As worried as I am for everyone's life and have been these last 3 weeks, I have found the strength and inspiration in Ukrainian Army and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.

We stand with Ukraine during this hard time and while we donate to different organizations, VENAO is now supporting UCMAO Foundation. UCMAO is a non for profit organization focused on connecting Canadian health care industry services and providing medical aid to institutions located in Ukraine. UCMAO is currently getting ready to fly out a plane filled with very needed medications directly to Ukrainian Hospitals that are located in the hot zones of the war and are in dire need of these supplies to save human lives. VENAO is donating funds and will match all the donations of our customers up to $5000. Just show us the donation and we will match it. Glory to Ukraine

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