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Venao Sponsors CANADA's PERFECT MISS 2013 Bikini For Her Winning Title

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

July 1, 2014

Tatiana Venao

Canada's Perfect Pageants is designed for all women, (ages Jr. Teen 13-15, Teen 16-19, Miss 20-29, Woman 30-65) from all across Canada, who love the stage, want to express their person style and personality and hold a national title. They will have the opportunity to compete in the International Finals in Florida and the chance to carry this new found celebrity status to a professional modelling or acting career, as modelling agencies will be in attendance. Create exciting memories, make new friendships with young women from around the country, and experience a worthwhile, organized event. Canada's Perfect Pageants is an outlet for you to achieve success and realize your dreams!

What sets Canada's Perfect Pageants apart from other pageants? They allow the individual to create her reign, whether it be beauty driven, community service, talent, spokesperson, or print/runway…

Miss Canada's Perfect 2014 Tamara Jemuovic Wearing Venao Swimwear "Diva" Swarovski monokini

Tamara Jemuovic has been sponsored by Venao Swimwear with custom designed swimwear for Canada's Miss Perfect Pageant.

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