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ALOHA OHANA! Hawaii Islands are a collection of magical soil and water. This place will leave you in awe and make you surrender in gratitude to it's beauty and cultural history. There must be something in the water, that's what we all said. Somehow, all my girlfriends and I that traveled there together felt the same way about these magical islands.

"Aloha"... This word alone means everything! One word that holds all the meaning in the world "The joyful sharing of life energy in the present" What a beautiful description/ translation of the word. It alone stands for everything I have ever passionately felt, stood for, knew and experienced. I love the life I live and the one I have designed for myself to experience and I want to share with others to do the same. Images by : Patrick Davis

Black one piece bathing suit, Miss Earth Canada, Hawaii, Lanikai Beach, Tamara Jemuovic
Venao Swimwear Campaign shot in Lanikai Beach Honolulu Hawaii

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